Tech Talk-Fresh Ground Beef vs Packaged Beef

Many packages of ground meat you buy from shops have been ground elsewhere and possibly through parts and offcuts of several different animals. Butchers, on the other hand, generally only sell meat they have just ground themselves from a prime cut of meat. Some shops may have in-house butchers who do this as well.

While pre-packaged ground meat can be less expensive, it may not be as good quality or as nutritious as you think it is.

Pre-Packaged Ground Meat

Almost two thirds of pre-packaged beef comes on a foam tray that has been tightly covered with cling film. This type of ground beef packaging allows for some oxygen to get in which gives meat the bright, cherry-red colour that buyers prefer when they purchase meat. This packaging is also easy and inexpensive to use.

Since oxygen is allowed in, you have to use the meat quickly, otherwise it will spoil. If you freeze it, be sure to do so in a sealed bag free of air to prevent freezer burn.

Not all markets sell pre-packaged ground meat that is fresh. Instead, many buy bulk orders of ground meat from beef-processing plants. There, the meat is ground using various parts of different animals for mass production. Meat scraps may also be used and the meat can even be ground more than once before it reaches the package you ultimately buy.

Freshly Ground Beef

Freshly ground beef is made on the spot or nearly on the spot from prime cuts of meat. Either from a single animal, or just a few, freshly ground beef gives you fresher, cleaner, and purer meat that is less likely to be contaminated.

If you don’t have a butcher near you, you can order freshly ground meat that’s prepackaged for you from high quality butchers like Tariq Halal. Alternatively, you can buy a meat grinder to use at home to grind your own meat. You don’t have to go all out- a small table top grinder will do! Just buy a nice, fatty piece of meat like a chuck steak or lamb shoulder and get grinding.

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