Why hanging meat makes it better

There’s a reason butchers and butcheries hang meat. When meat hangs in a temperature-controlled environment with good airflow, the meat’s enzymes cause the muscle fibers to become softer and more elastic. This allows the meat to become more tender without becoming spoiled.

Hanging also lets the meat dry a bit which enhances the natural flavor and texture of the meat. Plus when you cook it, it won’t shrink or seep liquid into the pan. Hanging times will vary by meat type and by a butcher’s personal preference.

Aged Meat

Unless you’re a butcher, you probably don’t have the tools or space to hang meat. If you want properly aged meat you will need a butcher because the meat hung in big retailers and supermarkets are unlikely to be hung properly. Many markets will hang their meat in a way where it won’t lose as much moisture so they can charge more for meat that will eventually shrink when you cook it.

It might seem cheaper to buy meat from a chain supermarket, but you’ll get more for your money when you use a butchery to age your meat. At Tariq Halal, you’ll get top-quality meat that has been raised, slaughtered, and cured to the highest of standards. In particular, our well-hung beef far surpasses what you’ll find in many other stores.

Halal Meat from Tariq Halal

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