Time to Celebrate National Butchers Week 2022

National Butchers’ Week has always been a major event for the UK meat industry, ever since the inaugural event all the way back in 2007. This will be the 15th year of National Butchers Week. 

Taking place on 7-13 March, National Butchers’ Week 2022 celebrates retail butchers and their key role in local communities. This is, by far, one of the most popular events in the butchery calendar, local butchers in the UK use this week to host an event, develop a new product to promote, or simply remind customers about the great quality meat available at their shop. 

The United Kingdom has some of the highest animal husbandry standards in the world – schemes like the Cattle Tracing System ensure a high quality of life for each food animal, and ultimately the quality of meat it produces. 

British butchers and similar industry professionals all play a crucial role in proudly upholding these enviable nationwide standards, and National Butchers’ Week was launched to celebrate their passion, knowledge, and expertise, as well as the key role they play in local communities. 

The event aims to highlight the great work being done by butchers from around the UK over the past year and what sets them apart from the competition. Over the course of the week, butchers are provided with the perfect opportunity to engage with existing customers and win over new ones. 


Tariq Halal, Halal Butcher 

Tariq Halal Meats London is one such halal butcher that stands above its competitors. Tariq Halal meats is a full-service halal butcher with stores throughout London that supply restaurants, in-store and online shoppers with the finest quality halal meat, prepared foods, frozen food, and groceries all over London. 

Tariq Halal has been one of the leading Halal meat specialists since 1965 providing quality and distinction to customers within the UK, across Europe, and abroad. 

If you’re looking for quality fresh meat to cook for dinner, delicious prepared foods to pick up for a quick lunch, or frozen halal chicken, lamb, mutton, beef, and seafood then Tariq Halal is the place to go! 

This year’s National Butchers Week will focus on the fantastic innovation that takes place within butchers‚ shops across the UK. You can follow National Butchers Week on Facebook and Twitter using #NationalButchersWeek to keep on top of what’s happening during the week.