Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef: Are There Benefits?

Throughout most of history, cows have been allowed to roam free, eating grass from the pastures they called home. In more recent years, many cows are fed a grain based diet instead. This is due to consumption: grain fed cattle are easier to maintain for the amount of mass-produced beef that’s required in today’s world.

You will still see some beef products and meat brands promoting the fact their cattle is grass fed instead of grain fed, so you might be wondering: does the type of feed cattle receive make a difference?

Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef

The taste, texture, and appearance of beef can be affected by the way the cattle has been fed.

Grass fed beef tends to provide a more complex texture and flavour profile, but is tougher and dryer. It is also more yellowish, but this colour won’t impact the taste. Instead, the colour is due to the pigments in the grass the cattle eats.

Grain fed beef is fattier, providing a more marbled, tender, and buttery taste than grass fed beef. The colouring is redder and brighter with whiter fat. If you like steaks that melt in your mouth, you should look for grain fed steaks.

Does Feed Really Matter?

In terms of the nutrient content of grain fed beef and grass fed beef, both types of beef hold similar amounts of vitamins and nutrients. So which type of beef you choose comes down to the taste and texture you prefer.

What you should be more mindful of is how the cattle are reared, cared for, and slaughtered. Cattle who are raised in harsh conditions and are pumped full of chemicals and hormones will be far less healthy no matter how they were fed.

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