Liver, a nutritional (unsung) superhero!

These days we don’t tend to use the entire animal the way our ancestors once did. We buy the parts of the animal we’d like to eat, usually the muscle protein, without much thought given to what happened to the rest of the animal. 

While you may not need the hide to tan some leather at home, you should consider purchasing different cuts of meat. They not only have other, delicious flavor profiles, but they can also provide many extra health benefits.

The Benefits of Chicken Liver

If you were to ask a registered dietitian if the chicken liver is good for you, we guarantee they’d say yes. In fact, in just one ounce of chicken liver, you’ll find a staggering amount of vitamins and nutrients including:

  • 4.7 mcg Vitamin B12
  • 3732 IU Vitamin A
  • 162 mcg Folate
  • 23.1 mcg Selenium
  • 81.2 mg Choline 

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin, helping your body to produce energy and the formation of healthy red blood cells. It also nourishes your brain and your central nervous system. If you don’t get enough vitamin B12, several processes throughout your body will struggle.   

Vitamin A from animals is known as a retinoid and it aids your body with vision, growth, reproduction, bone health, and the maintenance of your cells. Your immune system gets a boost from vitamin A as well.

Folate is a B vitamin that supports red blood cell production and helps your nerves function the way they should.

Selenium is a mineral your body needs to keep your thyroid gland in working order. If your thyroid gland isn’t functioning correctly, it can have a cascading effect throughout the entire body.

Choline is another B vitamin and it reduces inflammation, assists your cell membrane’s functions, and prevents the buildup of substances that can lead to heart disease.

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