Chicken Recipe

  1. Best Chicken Starter Recipes

    Best Chicken Starter Recipes

    So you’re looking for some ideas for a chicken starter and can’t quite make up your mind?  Whether you are looking for something incredibly easy that everyone will love, or something that makes you look like...

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  2. 5 Tips for cooking delicious Chicken breast

    5 Tips for cooking delicious Chicken breast

    Chicken is one of the most popular meats with a healthy profile and a flavour that everyone in the family loves.  One of the best part is the breast and a healthy chicken breast is always on top of the list amongst Tariq Halal’s online halal meat customers.  We supply only the best and freshest healthy chicken breast as part of our online meat order service. 

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  3. Halal Chicken Curry Recipe

    Halal Chicken Curry Recipe

    Tariq Halal love sharing some of the best Halal recipes that we come across as a part of our online Halal meat business.  There are lots of curry recipes and chicken curry variations, but this is one of the best, our customers love it !  Tariq Halal supplies quality meats across London to commercial premises and domestic households.

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