1. Female Duck without Giblets (Class A) 1.6kg+
    Female Duck without Giblets (Class A) 1.6kg+

    Duck (Each) approx 1.6kg +

    Fresh or Frozen depending on availabilty

  2. Bison Chuck Steaks (200g)
    Bison Chuck Steaks (200g)
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £5.99
  3. Bison Mince (500g)
    Bison Mince (500g)
  4. Bison Brisket (200g)
    Bison Brisket (200g)
  5. Diced Bison (500g)
    Diced Bison (500g)
  6. Picture of SKINLESS QUAILS
    Skinless Quails


  7. Picture of Frozen Skinless Quails
    Frozen Skinless Quails

    Lilly Brand 4 pieces Frozen Skinless Spanish Origin

  8. Picture of Duck Leg
    Duck Leg 2pc


  9. Picture of Duck Breast
    Duck Breast 2pc


  10. Picture of Quails

    Pack of 4 Birds

  11. Picture of Pigeon

    Whole Pigeon Approx 500 - 500g Each Bird

    We will send chilled if available if not frozen ...

  12. Picture of 5 Poussin Offer
    5 Poussin Offer

    5 Poussins Italian origin Special Offer

  13. Picture of Italian Corn Fed Duck
    Italian Corn Fed Duck

    Italian Corn Fed Duck Weight will vary from 1.65kg - 1.80kg Whole Bird Speciality

  14. Picture of Peking Duck
    Peking Duck
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