Nutritional Values of Beef, Chicken, and Veggie Burgers

When you think of burgers, you might think of the greasy, towering stacks of meat fast food restaurants are known for. However, any kind of burger can be healthy when high quality ingredients are used. At Tariq Halal, you can buy guilt-free burgers that are as succulent as they are nutritious.

Nutritional Qualities of Beef Burgers

Making beef burgers at home is much healthier than burgers you get from your local drive-thru. This is because there are fewer preservatives, additives, and other unhealthy substances. To make them even better for you, opt for lean beef and cook it with a lower fat oil.

Beef burgers are a fantastic source of protein, a nutrient your brain and body needs to stay healthy and strong. They also contain zinc, iron, magnesium, and other micronutrient minerals that prevent blood-related disorders.

There are plenty of vitamins in beef burgers, too. You’ll find B16, B6, vitamin E, thiamine, and folate in your delicious patty. In addition to tasting great, there are a lot of ways beef benefits your overall health.

Nutritional Qualities of Chicken Burgers

Subbing a chicken patty for a beef patty is another way homemade burgers can be made healthier. Chicken burgers are a source of protein, amino acids, potassium, and calcium.

As a leaner meat, chicken can help with weight loss and the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids may reduce your chance of stroke. Leaner meats are also easier to digest and are less likely to cause heart disease and other weight related diseases.

Cook your burgers in healthy oils or fats and try creative ways of battering them that won’t decrease your burger’s nutritional value.

Nutritional Qualities of Veggie Burgers

Today’s veggie burgers are a vast improvement on veggie burgers of the past. They can be made from any type of vegetable or meat-free substance you want, giving you countless delicious options. From soybeans, to tofu, to chickpeas, and black beans, veggie burgers are a healthy alternative to meat burgers.

You can buy pre-made veggie burgers or make your own. There are a lot of recipes out there to allow you to make a veggie burger that will satisfy and delight your family.

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