What is the Best Bacon for Burgers?

Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork that can be made from different cuts, usually the belly or the less fatty parts of the back. However, the process that makes bacon can be used on several other types of meat. A large part of the world can’t eat pork, but by using other types of meat they don’t have to miss out on having bacon in their diet.

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is made from chopped, cured, and smoked turkey. It’s a healthier alternative to pork bacon because it is lower in fat and calories. In fact, cured turkey bacon made from dark meat can be up to 90% fat-free.

Because of its lower fat content, it’s not ideal for grilling, but can be cooked by pan-frying or deep frying. Also because of its lower fat content, it won’t shrink as much in the pan as pork bacon tends to do.

Beef Bacon

Another delicious halal alternative to pork bacon is beef bacon. It has a succulent smoky, salty flavor that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Like pork bacon, it can be made from the beef belly, but can also be made from other cuts. Cuts from the brisket and round make for leaner options.

Beef bacon is packed with protein, has a lower fat content, and won’t shrink down after being cooked.

Veal Bacon

Another type of beef bacon is veal bacon. Veal is made from the meat of a young calf between the ages of 16-18 weeks. Veal is a healthy dark meat option that is lower in calories and is full of vitamins and nutrients. It has a lighter, cleaner and more tender taste than traditional beef.

Best Bacon for Burgers

If you’re in the mood for juicy beef and bacon burgers or bacon cheeseburgers, you don’t just have to use pork bacon. Depending on your mood, veal, turkey, and beef bacon can provide a tasty addition to your grilled bacon burgers.

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