The Health Benefits of Frozen Turkey

Turkey is more than just the star of festive holiday meals. Native to North America, turkeys are a large and lean white poultry meat that is a good source of protein. When you think of turkey, you might imagine the entire bird, but you can buy smaller portions like turkey breasts, turkey rolls, and turkey mince.

Choosing smaller cuts allows you to have healthy and low-fat turkey meat without having to spend hours cooking a whole turkey. Because turkey doesn’t have a high-fat content it's prone to be overcooked, but with proper cooking techniques, you can have delicious, juicy, mouth-watering turkey meat every time.

Another benefit of turkey is that it often comes frozen, meaning you can keep it in your freezer until you’re ready to serve it up.

Health Benefits of Frozen Turkey

High in Protein: Turkey is low in fat and richer in protein than chicken, so it is a great option for people wanting to adhere to a reduced-fat diet. Turkey's protein is also more easily absorbed than the protein found in other types of meats.

High in Minerals: In addition to protein, turkey has selenium, iron, zinc, and other minerals essential to your health. Many of these minerals can boost your immunity, bone strength, and thyroid function. The concentration of these minerals is higher in the darker meat of the turkey.

High in B Vitamins: B vitamins help with energy production, brain function, and the development of red blood cells. Turkey is a rich source of several B vitamins, including B3, B6, and B12.

Source of ‘Good’ Fat: Not all fat is bad for you. Your body needs some fat to help it absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Turkey provides healthier, unsaturated fat that is part of an overall balanced diet.

How to Keep Turkey from Drying Out

If you’re worried about your turkey coming out dry, opt for smaller portions like a turkey crown or turkey breast. Cooking a whole turkey is quite an endeavor and different parts of the turkey will cook faster than others.

If you do cook a whole turkey, buy it frozen instead of fresh. Frozen turkey has gone through fewer temperature changes so its cell membranes will be of better quality. You can buy high-quality halal frozen turkeys year-round online from Tariq Halal.