The Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ

When you’re up for a BBQ session, there’s something to be said for small disposable grills. You can easily cook up a few delicious BBQ treats without any fuss or the need to invest in large equipment. However, many people swear by traditional BBQ’s and love to make a day out of grilling.

Unless you’re something of a grill expert, you may not know the best methods for grilling meat on a BBQ. Everyone has to start somewhere! With these Do’s and Don’ts from Tariq Halal, you’ll be quickly on your way to cooking perfectly grilled halal BBQ meat.


  • Have all that you need at hand and everything ready to go.
  • Use a meat thermometer.
  • Ensure your meat is at room temperature being barbequing.
  • Use a dry rub to give your meat extra flavour.
  • Heat your grill before cooking.
  • Toss some wood chips over the coals to add smokiness.
  • Create different sized coal piles to have varying levels of heat.
  • Move meat to cooler parts of the grill during flareups.
  • Keep one side free of coals where the finished meat can rest.
  • Let the meat rest for 5 minutes to keep the juices in.


  • Use too little charcoal.
  • Rush your cooking time. Slow and low is your best bet.
  • Use lighter fluid to light the grill.
  • Cut into the meat to check if it’s cooked as this dries the meat out.
  • Use spray bottles of water on flareups because this can send ash up over your food.
  • Don’t press down on burgers while they’re grilling.
  • Keep cooked and raw food grouped together.
  • Don’t skewer foods together that cook at different rates.
  • Cook meat with non-meat foods if you have vegans or vegetarians in attendance.

Best Halal BBQ Near Me

Best Halal BBQ Near Me

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