Get In The BBQ Spirit

During the summer, we Brits love to heat up our grills and invite loved ones over so we can enjoy the warm weather with a BBQ feast. You have a lot of choices when it comes to the perfect meat for a barbeque, but when you want high-quality meat that tastes great on the grill, choose Tariq Halal.

 Our halal meats are not only tender, juicy, and delicious but offer more health benefits than other meat. This is because halal meat is more hygienic and isn’t exposed to antibiotics, pesticides, or other pathogens. The animals are kept in humane conditions and fed quality food which results in better tasting meat overall.

 So if you want to impress your friends and family with incredible tasting meat this BBQ season, pick up some of Tariq Halal’s marinated meats, vibrant BBQ sauces, or one of our premium BBQ boxes.

  • BBQ Box for 4: Our BBQ boxes contain an assortment of 7 different mouthwatering types of meat that are perfect for the grill. You’ll find lamb shish skewers, 1kg of marinated lamb chops, chicken burgers, and so much more.
  • Mumtaz Sticky BBQ Lamb Ribs 1kg: Mumtaz’s legendary sticky BBQ marinade has been added to our halal lamb ribs. When you grill these ribs, they’ll be transformed into a tender perfection that improves the flavour of the delicious marinade.
  • Tariq Halal BBQ Platter for 4: You don’t need your own BBQ to enjoy our halal BBQ boxes. With the Tariq Halal BBQ platter, you get a wide selection of incredible meats like Chicken Sheesh Skewers and Lamb Burgers along with a disposable BBQ to cook them on. You’ll also get a Shezan Mango Drink Case and Regal Kebab Chilli Sauce to add even more variety and flavour to your afternoon feast.

In addition to our BBQ-ready meats, BBQ boxes, and BBQ sauces, we also offer a wide range of other halal products for everyday eating. Included in this range are our halal-ready meals that bring deliciousness and convenience together.

Enhance your next BBQ with tender, juicy, and flavourful meats and marinades from Tariq Halal meats. Buy online and we’ll have your order shipped right away in one of our temperature-controlled lorries.