How to Grill Chicken Breast the Right Way? (3 Ways to Get It Done)

Grilled chicken is a healthy way to add great-tasting protein to your meals. Chicken breasts are one of the most popular cuts of chicken to grill, but there’s a risk the chicken will be too dry. This is due to chicken breasts usually coming skinless and being leaner than other parts of the chicken.

No matter how you choose to grill your halal chicken breasts, Tariq Halal is here to help you get perfectly juicy and delicious grilled chicken every time. 

Cooking Grilled Chicken on the Hob

Use a heavy-duty grill pan and heat it on high heat over the hob for 2 minutes. Once the pan is hot, reduce the heat to medium-high and add in some cooking oil.

Cook each chicken breast for 5 minutes on one side then flip and cook for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, let the chicken rest for a few minutes, then serve with your favourite side dishes!

Air Fryer Grilled Chicken

Heat up your air fryer until it’s at 200°C. While you wait, pound out your chicken breasts until they’re an even thickness then cover both sides with seasoning and olive oil.

Cook the chicken breast for 10 minutes before flipping it and cooking the other side for 10 more minutes. Your healthy grilled chicken will be ready when it reaches an internal temperature of 75°C.

Grilled Chicken on the BBQ

To get the perfect BBQ grilled chicken breast you’ll have to have some patience. Chicken breasts need to be grilled slowly on low heat for at least an hour.

Keep the coals on just one side of the grill and cook your chicken on the other end to avoid overcooking. One tip is to cook the chicken over the hotter end for 5 minutes before moving it to the cooler side. This will sear the chicken nicely and help keep the juices in.

With gas flame-grilled chicken, all you need to do is keep the grill on a low setting.

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