How to make the juiciest turkey meals using frozen turkey

If you’re worried it’ll be too hard to cook a turkey that isn’t dry or tasteless, Tariq Halal has some tips to help you cook a juicy and succulent roast turkey every time. By following a few simple steps, you’ll have a turkey that will keep everyone going back for more. 

Defrosting the turkey

Thoroughly and correctly defrosting your frozen turkey is key to being able to get juicy meat that melts in your mouth. We recommend thawing it in the fridge for the best and safest results so make enough space inside your fridge for the turkey.

The amount of time your turkey will need to defrost depends on its size. Allow at least 1 full day for each 2kg of turkey. For example, a 5-6kg turkey will need three days to defrost.

If you’ve forgotten to take your turkey out in time or you bought your frozen turkey last minute, don’t worry! Leave the turkey in its plastic wrapping and place it into a clean sink that’s full of cold water. Be sure to change out the water every 30 minutes. Allow 1 hour of defrosting time for each kilogram.

Once defrosted, it’s safe for your turkey to remain out at room temperature for 4 hours.

Monitoring the Temperature

Before cooking a turkey, invest in at least one good meat thermometer to track the internal temperature of the turkey.

The white meat and dark meat of a turkey have different temperature targets and should be at this target for at least 5 minutes. For the white meat in the breast of the turkey, you want the internal temperature to be 70C. For the dark meat on the legs and thighs, aim for 80C.

To get an evenly cooked turkey, keep your oven at a consistent 190C/170C fan.


Basting helps turkeys stay moist and full of flavor. The only downside to basting is that you have to open the oven each time you do it, lowering the overall temperature when you do so. If you decide to baste your turkey, only do so twice at evenly spaced intervals during your entire cooking process.

Now that you know how to roast the perfect turkey, you can simply buy top-quality halal frozen turkey and frozen turkey crowns with us and get started on preparing delicious turkey meals. We also sell halal turkey legs and turkey rolls that are ideal for smaller gatherings.