What Temperature Should Frozen Food be Delivered at?

Food safety is an important part of frozen food delivery in ensuring meat is delivered to you safely.  Freezing food prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. When frozen meat begins to defrost, bacteria grow on the meat and sometimes multiply at a rapid rate. Bacterial growth can cause many problems including food poisoning and allergy issues. At Tariq Halal, we ensure that our frozen foods comply with all of the necessary regulations and guidelines to keep our food protected and our customers safe.

There are two types of frozen foods - “quick frozen” foods and any other frozen food. Quick freezing is also known as “flash” freezing. In flash freezing, the food is rapidly frozen to -18°C, and regulations state that it should be kept at this temperature or colder. “Other” frozen food is not governed by the same regulations but must be kept at -15℃ or colder, with an acceptable range of -12℃ to allow for temperature variations during deliveries when the door of the delivery vehicle is opened and closed frequently.

Tariq Halal frozen food is delivered and handled in the safest way.  Your food will come to you frozen and maintained at the correct temperatures.  However, if you want to know how to tell if your frozen food delivery is safe, here are some top tips:

  • Check the temperature - if you have a thermocouple available to you, you can check the temperature of your meat   
  • Visually Inspect - check the condition of items on arrival. Packaging should not be damaged and if it is, the meat inside could be unfit for consumption. You have the right to reject any damaged packages.
  • Check the label - It’s a good practice to only accept and use frozen foods dated well enough before their best-before date and that you will use the meat before that date. 
  • Freeze Immediately - you should transfer your frozen goods to your freezer immediately!  You can check the temperature of your freezer with a hanging freezer thermometer. You should keep it at -18℃ to ensure that all of your frozen foods are stored at an appropriate temperature. Your freezer may even have a digital adjustor.

Tariq Halal offers a wide range of Halal frozen food, delivered safely to your door.  We ensure safe temperatures for our frozen food deliveries so you can enjoy our tasty, healthy Halal meats without worry. Order on our website today.  https://www.tariqhalalmeats.com/