How to Cook Frozen meat?

Freezers are an essential appliance in most homes. Having a freezer allows you to stock up on your favourite foods without having to worry about them going bad before you can eat them. Many of Tariq Halal’s customers buy our frozen halal meat products to keep on hand for fast and delicious foods.

If you’re one of these customers, here are some tips for making the most out of your frozen halal meat.

Frozen Meat Safety Tips

First things first: check the cooking instructions on the packing of your frozen food. Some items can go straight into the pan from frozen, while others may need to defrost first.

If you aren’t sure that your frozen meat has been fully cooked, a meat thermometer is a useful tool to keep on hand.

Frozen meat has the same chances of contamination and food-borne illnesses. After handling, ensure you wash your hands and clean any surfaces the meat touched.

Defrosting Frozen Meat

Defrosting Frozen Meat

The most common way to defrost meat is to leave it in a refrigerator because of its temperature-controlled environment. As a guide, you’ll need to leave frozen meat in the refrigerator for 10 hours per 1kg.

Many frozen meat products are able to be safely defrosted in microwaves that have a defrost setting. Microwave defrosting is much faster than doing it in the fridge, with each kg of meat only needing 10 minutes.

Once your food is defrosted, you need to cook it right away. If you defrosted meat and forgot to cook it, throw it away before it can spread any harmful bacteria. Never re-freeze defrosted meat.

Cutting Frozen Meat

Cutting Frozen Meat

Another way to cut back on defrosting time is to cut your frozen meat into smaller pieces. Frozen meat should be cut with a heavy-duty serrated knife, electric knife, or butcher saw. Running the meat under cold running water for a couple of minutes will safely soften it to make cutting easier.

As long as the meat hasn’t defrosted yet after you’ve cut it, you can put any leftover meat back into the freezer to use another time.

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