Five reasons why frozen meats are so popular

You might think fresh food is better for you than frozen but that’s not always the case because fresh food begins to lose its flavour and nutritional value as time passes. On the other hand, frozen food retains its flavour and nutrition long after you put it in your freezer as long as it’s been frozen correctly. 

All the frozen meat from Tariq Halal is frozen quickly and effectively, ensuring that it keeps its flavour, colour, and quality. Other benefits of buying our frozen meat include:


Anytime you want to cook with fresh meat, you’ll have to go buy it and use it as soon as possible. Frozen meat can be bought whenever you go shopping and can remain in your freezer until you’re ready to use it. This saves a lot of time and effort in your day-to-day meal planning.


Freezing decreases the presence of potentially harmful bacteria if you store, defrost, and cook it properly. You also won’t have to worry about leakages or contamination from storing it like you do when keeping meat in the fridge.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

How many times have you filled your fridge with fresh meat and produce, only to end up throwing it away because you didn’t use it in time? Buying frozen meat and food helps reduce food waste and reduces pressure on farms and manufacturers- two industries that significantly add to humanity’s carbon footprint.

You’ll also be reducing your own footprint by having to make fewer trips to the market.


When buying frozen meat online from us, you can order whenever you want and eat it whenever you want. Your frozen food will keep until you’re ready to eat it.

This gives you the flexibility to buy a little or as much as you want, to use as you see fit.


Buying frozen meat is often much cheaper than buying fresh, especially if you buy it in bulk. If you want to provide your family with nutritious, high-quality meat at a fraction of the cost, frozen meat is definitely the way to go.

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