Can we Cook Chicken Kebabs from Frozen

Whether you’ve made chicken kebabs you’ve put in the freezer or bought our frozen Classic Tariq Halal Chicken Kebabs, you might be wondering if you can cook them straight from frozen. Cooking food from frozen makes mealtimes a lot easier than having to wait for your meat to thaw.

The good news is, you can cook chicken kebabs frozen!

Chicken kebabs, also called chicken skewers, can be cooked frozen either in the oven or on the grill. An added bonus to oven-cooking the chicken kebabs is that you can get that great BBQ taste without worrying about the weather or buying a grill.

Oven Cooking Frozen Chicken Kebabs

Preheat your oven to 200C. While your oven is getting warmed up, place some foil on a baking sheet and lightly grease it with some cooking spray. Lay the chicken kebabs on the baking sheet and cook for 16-18 minutes, turning the skewers at least once.

For more tender meat, you can put the kebabs on a baking rack that’s placed on top of a baking sheet. Cooking your kebabs this way allows the heat to fully circulate around the meat, leaving it moist and juicy.

Cooking Frozen Chicken Kebabs on the Grill

Before grilling, brush your frozen kebabs with olive oil. Once your grill is heated up, place your chicken kebabs over the grill and cook for 15 minutes with the lid down. Open the grill lid every few minutes to turn the meat.  

Making Fresh Kebabs 

Chicken kebabs are very easy to assemble. You can use several different types of garnishes with your kebabs, including peppers, onions, and halloumi cheese. While these ingredients taste great on their own, marinating the chicken will add even more flavor. When your chicken skewers are ready to serve, some popular side dishes include flatbreads with hummus, couscous, and rice pilaf.

If you want to make these skewers ahead of time for easy meal prepping, place them in a suitably sized freezer bag or storage container and put them in the freezer. Either cook them later that day or put them in the freezer for a fun meal later on.

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