7 of the Best Halal Chicken Wings in London

One of the best places for wings in London might surprise you: it’s online! At Tariq Halal, you can buy high-quality, delicious halal chicken wings and so much more. If you’re a chicken lover, then you’ll be pleased with the varied selection of halal chicken we have on offer.

Why Choose Halal?

When you buy halal meat, you know you’re buying healthier and more nutritious meat for you and your family. That’s because halal-raised animals are cared for in clean environments free from overcrowding, chemicals, and additives. Their diets are closely monitored and their overall welfare is more important than animals raised on many non-halal farms.

Halal Chicken from Tariq Halal

We sell both fresh and frozen chicken online with fast home delivery in one of our refrigerated trucks. We also have a wide range of marinated and breaded meats in a variety of flavors to suit every taste and occasion.

If you’d prefer to marinate your own chicken strips and meat, we sell several different spices, rubs, and marinades for you to enhance the taste of our delicious halal products.

Where Can I Find Tariq Halal Chicken Strips and Meats?

In addition to buying Tariq Halal meats online with fast home delivery, you can also find them in person at several retailers. We have branches throughout London including Crawley, Finsbury Park, Fulham, Hammersmith, Slough, Stratford, and Wembley.

Many of our products, like our ready meals, can now even be found in Sainsbury's.

To step up your game in the kitchen, visit Sainsbury's, one of our branches, or our website to buy the best halal meat in the UK. Whatever cut of meat you’re looking for or flavors you’re in the mood for, Tariq Halal has what you need.