Guide to Finding the Right Online Butcher

Historically, butchers have been slow to offer a service for new and existing customers to order meat online, but the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many Halal butchers to add this service alongside their current shop trade. Tariq Halal are one of the finest Halal butchers in London with an established and professional meat box delivery service offering the finest fresh and frozen meats straight to your front door. Pick the best Halal butchers for all your home meat requirements.

It is a cultural shift for customers who are used to going into the shop and seeing the meat in front of them to then going online and placing their order digitally from the comfort of their own home using a phone or computer. It is often a question of trust as there is typically less uptake ordering fresh products online than seen with ordering staple household goods and preserved or tinned items.

For many consumers, the key question is not finding the finest online butcher in the UK, but finding a local Halal butcher that they have used before who they trust. The provenance of Halal meat is crucially important and also the quality. Here are some tips to sourcing the best butcher if you are thinking of switching from shopping in person and want to order your meat online.

  •  Ask your trusted local butcher if they offer an online meat delivery service
  • Check out the website and see how easy it is to order
  • Can you still enjoy the same range and variety of cuts to suit your menus?
  • Do they offer fresh as well as frozen meats?
  • How is the meat handled and packed before delivery?
  • Are there other services which are offered alongside the meat box such as prepared foods for family events and parties and do they offer add ons like marinades and recipe cards?
  • Can you still take advantage of special offers and discounts?
  • How quickly is the meat delivered?
  • Can you order 24/7 or just during working hours?
  • Is the website safe and payment options secure?

All these questions will help you to find the best online butcher in the UK to serve your family's needs enabling you to stay safe during the Covid pandemic.

Halal butchers do offer online meat ordering services to complement other online shopping where you might choose grocery essentials or other household needs for your family. Pick Tariq Halal, the best Halal butchers in London. Visit our website to find out more.