How to Find the Right Halal Butcher

In the past, Halal butchers have been slow to offer an online meat ordering service but, rather ironically, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced their hand, and now many Halal butchers have embraced the switch to online becoming a key part of their service. Tariq Halal offers some of the finest fresh and frozen halal meat in London, all available via a simple online ordering system that can be delivered direct to your door, and even same-day through Deliveroo.

Finding the right Halal butcher for halal meat at home is often not the issue, many households already have halal butchers that they know and trust, the big difference is ordering food online or by phone without going into the shop and choosing the meat for yourself. If you are looking for new halal butchers then the quality of the meat and its provenance will be key to finding the right provider, so how can you do your research to make sure you have made the right choice?

  • Ask the butcher about their halal meat, where are the animals sourced from, how is the meat butchered and prepared?
  • Ask your halal butcher if they offer an online ordering service for halal food?
  • Look at the website and see how easy it is to order
  • Do they offer the same range and variety of cuts as if you were shopping in person?
  • Do they offer fresh and frozen meats?
  • What is the process of meat selection and packing before delivery?
  • Do they offer extras like marinades and other groceries?
  • Can they cater for large family events and parties?
  • Will you still receive special offers and discounts as if you were shopping in person?
  • How quickly is the meat delivered?
  • Is their ordering service available 24/7, so can you order late one evening for delivery first thing the following morning?
  • How safe and secure is the website, particularly the payment methods?

Halal butchers now offer online ordering services for halal meat so you can enjoy the finest prime cuts fresh or frozen for everyday meals and special occasions. Use the best Halal butchers, visit Tariq Halal’s website to find out more