The Top Benefits of Halal Meat for Health-Conscious Shoppers

Aside from ensuring Muslims are eating appropriately slaughtered meat, halal meat has several other benefits. These benefits are why halal meat is often preferred by non-Muslims who prefer higher quality and better-tasting meat.

Certain requirements under Islamic Law must be met for meat to be considered halal, especially in the matter of how the animal is slaughtered. While the animal is alive and healthy, a specific prayer must be said. Then it must be slaughtered in a manner known as dhabiha where the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe are cut through so that all the animal’s blood can fully drain. 

The Health Benefits of Halal Meat

  • Halal Meat is Safer to Eat

Halal-reared animals must be raised in a highly hygienic and humane setting. Any animals that become ill are not used as meat for consumers. Cross contamination and contamination are far less likely with halal meat as well due to how the animals are raised, cared for, and slaughtered.

Additionally, with the blood fully drained from the animal, the meat is less likely to experience pathogen infestations or infection from bacteria. This raises the nutritional qualities of halal beef and other meats.

  • Halal Meat Tastes Better

Because of how it’s slaughtered, halal meat is fresher and more tender. Blood contains lactic acid which can negatively affect how the meat tastes. Stress hormones are another factor that can negatively impact the taste of the meat. Halal animals also do not experience the same levels of stress hormones as non-halal animals.

  • Halal Meat is a Hormone and Preservative Free

Under Islamic law, animals that are to be used for halal meat must ideally be raised, fed, and cared for at the highest of standards. This includes their living conditions and what they’re fed. Halal meat farmers do not use pesticides, antibiotics, or other chemicals that are frequently used on non-halal farms.  

Top Halal Brands of Meat

All butchers and suppliers of halal meat must have clearly labeled certifications to do so. In addition to our highly rated own brand of meats, at Tariq Halal we stock a wide range of halal products from the UK’s favorite brands. Some of our most popular brands of halal meat available in our online shop are:

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