5 Types of Halal Frozen Chicken Products You Should Try

Halal chicken is as healthy and nutritious as it is delicious. Chickens raised for halal meat shops are given high-quality food and kept in clean, humane conditions. They are also free from the chemicals and antibiotics that are widely used in non-halal chicken farms. 

Since chicken goes with just about everything, having frozen chicken on hand from Tariq Halal makes cooking simple, tasty, and fast.

Tariq Halal Chicken Kebab (10 Pack)

Our mouthwatering frozen chicken seekh kebabs are cooked over an open flame charcoal grill to create an authentic taste that is enhanced by the blend of fresh herbs and spices used. Cook from frozen for a delicious appetizer, main meal, or party snack.

Tariq Halal Chicken Samosa (10 pieces)

These golden halal frozen chicken samosas are wrapped in crispy batter with tender, juicy minced chicken inside that has been seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. Fry from frozen and serve as a starter, side dish, or as part of a party food platter.

Organic Frozen Chicken Whole ( 1.7 - 1.9 kg )

When you’re in the mood for a roast chicken, buy Le whole frozen halal chicken. Each one is a high-quality, free-range, organic, and halal chicken. However you plan to cook or season your Le chicken, it’s bound to be the star come mealtime.

Superchick Sizzler Breaded Wings 1kg

Superchick is the first gourmet halal chicken range made exclusively with 100% whole muscle chicken breast. They have several scrumptious frozen chicken products, including these frozen Hot & Spicy Sizzler Breaded Chicken Wings.

Superchick Peri Peri Lemon & Herb Chicken Strips

Another hit from Superchick is their Peri Peri Lemon & Herb Chicken Strips. Each frozen gourmet halal strip has been handcrafted with whole pieces of chicken breast and a special mix of herbs and spices.

These are just a handful of the incredible halal chicken products on offer from Tariq Halal. We also have a wide range of fresh and frozen halal foods including frozen chicken ready meals, frozen veg ready meals, and fresh halal marinated meats. Find out premium halal products in our online meat shop, one of our franchise shops, or in a leading supermarket retailer, Sainsbury's.