How to Make Fried Chicken: Deep-Frying Tariq Halal Tips

When done correctly, you can make fried chicken that tastes even better than the fast-food variants. One of the benefits of making fried chicken at home is that it’s healthier for you and has less grease.

If you’ve struggled to make that perfect piece of fried chicken, here are a few common mistakes and tips on how to help you make crispy yet juicy fried chicken.

  1. If Your Breading Is Uneven: You probably tried to cook the chicken right after coating it in its breading. You need to let the chicken rest for a bit after breading it so that the coating has a chance to adhere to your chicken.
  2. If Your Fried Chicken is Too Greasy: This can happen when the oil is not hot enough when you start cooking the chicken. When this happens, your bread ends up absorbing the oil instead of cooking.
  3. If Your Meat is Overcooked on the Outside but Undercooked on the Inside: Check that your oil isn’t too hot. If the oil is hotter than it should be, the breading will cook faster and possibly even start to burn before the meat has a chance to finish cooking.
  4. If Your Chicken Is Soggy and Unevenly Cooked: Did you fry the chicken right out of the fridge? When you cook cold chicken, it lowers the temperature of the oil and impacts how well it cooks. Let your chicken sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes after you take it out of the refrigerator. If you use frozen chicken, make sure it’s completely defrosted before taking it out of the fridge.
  5. If Your Chicken Is Dry: Use chicken legs and thighs instead of breasts as these tend to stay juicer after being fried.

    Still not getting the crispy fried chicken you were hoping for? The most common reason for this is the temperature of the oil. Temperature control is the backbone of frying chicken correctly! You can’t eyeball or use any other tricks to gauge the temperature of the oil. Instead, monitor the oil with a thermometer so you end up with chicken that has a crispy exterior and a juicy interior. Aim for a temperature of 170-175°C.
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