Grilled Chicken Breasts: Temperatures for Juicy Meat

When cooking chicken, it’s important to cook it completely. Eating undercooked chicken or raw chicken can cause food poisoning, stomach pain, and other gastrointestinal issues.

On the flip side, if you cook the chicken too long it loses its juiciness and comes out dry and tough to eat. Even experienced chefs can end up with undercooked or dry chicken, so we’ve created this guide to help you get that juicy, tender meat you’re after. 

Perfect Temperature for Juicy, Grilled Chicken Breasts

Whether you’re cooking halal grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, or Piri Piri stir fry with rice and grilled chicken, the perfect temperature for juicy and properly cooked chicken is 75°C. All parts of the chicken, both inside and out, need to reach a steady temperature of 75°C for at least 30 seconds to be eaten safely. At this temperature, any harmful bacteria that can cause sickness like salmonella will be eliminated.

Because of the process of carry-over cooking, if you remove the chicken breast from the heat once it reaches 72°C, the chicken will retain the heat long enough to raise the temperature to 75°C on its own without drying out the meat.

Please remember that this isn’t the temperature of your oven. Instead, this is the temperature of the chicken itself. To get the most accurate reading, you should use a meat thermometer to ensure the safety of your chicken. 

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