5 Tips for cooking delicious Chicken breast

Chicken is one of the most popular meats with a healthy profile and a flavour that everyone in the family loves.  One of the best part is the breast and a healthy chicken breast is always on top of the list amongst Tariq Halal’s online halal meat customers.  We supply only the best and freshest healthy chicken breast as part of our online meat order service.  Here are some tips and recipe ideas to help you serve up some fabulous and delicious chicken breast dishes on the family dinner table.

Chicken breast is a healthy meat, low in calories and saturated fat but high in protein however, it is possible to radically transform it into something pretty unhealthy if you cook it in the wrong way.  Here are some serving suggestions and tips with a few ideas about chicken breast recipes for the dinner table.

  • Trim any fat and skin from the chicken breast to keep it lean and healthy
  • When you are looking for chicken recipeslook for cooking techniques that bake or grill rather than fry and roast in oil
  • Chicken has a mild and subtle flavour, rather than enhance it by smothering the meat with ingredients which may not be that healthy, it is just as easy to stuff a baked chicken breast by slitting it to create a pocket and then filling with low-fat cheese or vegetables
  • Chicken is already a tender meat but large chicken breasts can be cut in half for more effective and quicker cooking.  You can also tenderise the meat using a meat tenderiser before you grill

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