Different meals you can prepare using Frozen Meat Kebabs

Meat kebabs are a versatile dish that isn’t just for barbeques. They’re delicious on their own and as part of a meal made with flatbreads, rice pilaf, and grilled vegetables. The possibilities are endless when it comes to meat kebab recipes!

If you’re in the mood for kebabs, then shop at Tariq Halal. We have several choices of fresh and frozen meat kebabs that will keep everyone at your table happy. Whatever recipe you decide to make, our spiced kebabs will make your meal shine.

Tariq Halal’s Frozen Meat Kebabs

We have a delicious selection of frozen meat kebabs that can be cooked from frozen to make easy homemade meals. They have been carefully prepared with fresh herbs, cook up quickly and are full of savoury flavours.

Some of our favourite meals to make with frozen kebab meat are:

  • Moroccan Kebab Salad: A couscous salad that tastes great warm or cold. Once it’s made, it’ll keep in the fridge for a day. Use Moroccan spices, fresh couscous, raisins, lemon, Dijon mustard, and salted pistachios.

  • Kebab Pesto Pasta: Kebab meat goes well with fresh pesto sauce, especially when you toss in mint. Make your favourite pasta and use a jar of pesto sauce to make an easy mid-week meal. Add in parmesan cheese, olive oil, and fresh parsley for garnish.

  • Spiced Rice and Chickpeas: Chickpeas are a superfood that should be a part of everyone’s diet. When made with this spicy rice, they’re a perfect protein-packed side dish for your meat kebabs. Make your basmati rice according to its packaging and add in curry powder, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, and fresh cilantro.

If you want to cut your frozen kebab meat before cooking any of these recipes, we have a few tips to make cutting frozen meat easier. You should use a heavy-duty serrated blade, ideally an electric knife or a cleaver. Soften the meat first by running it under cold water until the edges are tender.

Fresh & Frozen Meat Kebab from Tariq Halal

Our fresh and frozen meat kebabs are ready to eat in mere minutes, giving you scrumptious meals without any fuss. We recommended topping them with some of our kebab marinades like the Tariq Halal exclusive, Mumtaz Saucy Kebab Chutney Dip. For the best-frozen kebab meat, fresh kebabs, and unique marinades, continue shopping on our website—Tariq Halal.