A Guide to Buying Halal Chicken Thigh Boneless Online: Tips and Tricks.

They’re often overlooked for other cuts of meat, but if you aren’t regularly buying chicken thighs you should start! In addition to being a source of lean protein, chicken thighs are tender and contain more flavour than other parts of the chicken because of their unique fat content.

When shopping for chicken thighs, you have more choices than you do with chicken breasts. We’ve created this guide to help you choose the right chicken thighs so you can make the most out of your recipes.

Types of Chicken Thighs

The most common types of chicken thighs you’ll find in your local butcher shop or supermarket are bone-in thighs with skin, bone-in skinless thighs, and boneless and skinless thighs.

Bone-in thighs with skin tend to cost less than other types of chicken thighs, but this doesn’t mean they’re inferior. The bones help prevent the chicken from drying out and the skin keeps all that wonderful flavour inside. Plus, when cooked right, the skin adds a delicious crispy texture to your juicy meat.

Bone-in, skinless thighs have less fat because the skin has been removed. We recommend keeping the bone in to help retain the meat’s juices, but you can debone the chicken at home if you prefer. If you do take the bones out, consider keeping them to use for succulent broths and soups.

Boneless and skinless thighs cook up quicker than other chicken thigh types and are lower in fat but tend to cost more.

How to Cook Chicken Thighs

Another factor to consider when buying chicken thighs is how you plan to cook them. If you’re roasting your chicken, all three types of chicken thighs will work. However, skin-on thighs come out crispier while boneless and/or skinless chicken thigh recipes will cook faster.

For grilled chicken, skin-on chicken thighs are perfect for grilling because you’ll end up with crispy and delicious skin. The skin also prevents the chicken from drying out on the hot grill.

Where to Buy Halal Chicken Thighs

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