5 Best Dishes for Breakfast with Halal Chicken

Chicken can often get overlooked as a breakfast ingredient but halal chicken is a light and tasty option for a halal meat breakfast. Chicken is versatile and quick to cook or you can use leftover halal chicken from the previous day, it couldn’t be easier. Here are 5 of our best halal meat dishes for breakfast menus with halal chicken.

  • Halal Chicken Breakfast Quesadillas – this is easy to make because you can essentially use any leftover halal chicken. Hearty and healthy, this recipe has plenty of protein and veggies and is light and nutritious for an alfresco start to the day in the summer.  Soften some green peppers in a pan, add the chicken, black beans and eggs and then when this is cooked, take the pan from the heat and stir in some cheese. Take two tortillas and place the filling in the middle.
  • Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Congee - This is a savoury rice porridge, perfect to start the day on a cold winter’s morning. Cook the rice and halal chicken – bone in thigh is best – in a pressure cooker until the rice breaks down into a porridge. For extra protein, add the egg.
  • Halal Chicken and Chive Rolled Crepes - light and nutritious, use tender halal chicken breast. Steep the chicken in some Lapsang Souchong tea overnight and then grill before slicing it into tender strips and sprinkling it with chives.  Add to crepes, roll and serve
  • Healthy Breakfast Bowl – like a savoury cereal bowl, add lightly grilled halal chicken to a bowl with sweet potatoes, beans and a honey-lime dressing
  • Traditional English – grill the halal chicken and add your favourite ingredients to make a traditional breakfast – fried or scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, some toast and butter.

A halal meat breakfast makes an excellent start to the day and can be used to create a light protein-filled and nutritious meal packed with nourishment. Choose warming winter recipes for a cold morning or salad-based alternatives for an al fresco summer breakfast. Halal meat doesn’t have to be cooked from scratch, just save some from the night before or cook separately whilst you are preparing the evening meal. Find more recipes and serving suggestions on our website www.tariqhalalmeats.com