6 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Marinating Meat

Marinating meat is as easy as 1,2,3. Or is it? Just throwing together our favourite mixture of flavours doesn’t always guarantee a great tasting meat dish. Sometimes we may get a bit heavy-handed with certain ingredients and it throws off the flavour. It can even change the texture of the meat we’re using from juicy to dry!

Here are the simple mistakes people make when marinating and some easy fixes to make better marinades for meat and poultry.

  1. Not Enough Flavour

Whatever style of cuisine you are cooking, don’t be afraid to be bold and add some ingredients that are packed with flavour. Be adventurous and add toasted spices, smash up garlic, and grab some fresh herbs from the garden. Just remember to add with balance in mind.

  1. Flavours Are Too Bold

You don’t want your dish to smack people in the face with crazy concoctions that send them grabbing for the pitcher of water. Too spicy or odd combinations like sriracha and ginger might not be the greatest idea! Think about the end result and what flavour profile you are aiming for.

  1. Not Marinated Long Enough

To get the best results when marinating meat, marinate in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes or even overnight for meat. The longer you marinate your beef or chicken the juicier and more flavourful it will be.

  1. It’s Too Salty

Adding too much salt to a marinade is one of the most common mistakes home cooks make. Too much salt pulls moisture out of the meat, resulting in a dry and tough finished product. Have restraint when adding salt.

  1. Follow Food Safety

Salmonella is a risk when handling raw meat, so be sure that you avoid any contamination by tossing out the marinade the meat was resting in.

  1. Not Enough Marinade

Don’t skimp on the amount of marinade you make. The results will be far better if you give your protein ample marinade to soak in, making sure all pieces of chicken or beef are fully covered and saturated.

After you get the hang of making amazing marinades, you’ll be using them every day. Use on any of your favourite quality halal meat from Tariq Halal.  Visit our website to find out more about our wholesale meats and online buying for home delivery.