5 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Prepared for Eid

Eid is often a time for families to get together and have a large, shared meal to mark the end of Ramadan. Whether yours will be a large or small affair, you’ll want to prepare your kitchen for the festivities ahead.

Prepare Your Menu

 Decide what you’d like to serve and make a list of all the ingredients your recipes need so that you don’t forget anything. Even if you think you have certain ingredients already in your cupboard and refrigerator, double-check so you aren’t caught out when it comes time to cook your feast.

Order Your Groceries

 To save you extra time and effort, you can easily order your groceries online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. For halal meat and other delicious halal products, Tariq Halal offers fast home delivery throughout the mainland UK.


No one likes to cook in a dirty kitchen, so deep clean your kitchen a day or two before you start cooking. Be careful of any cross-contamination when you’re cooking and always wash your hands and utensils before and after handling food.

 Cooking a big, festive meal can quickly make a mess of your clean kitchen so try to clean up as you go to make it less intensive.

Make a Plan

 Even if you aren’t the type to make lists and strict plans, you should at least have an outline of what needs to be done for your feast. This will keep you from forgetting ingredients, missing steps in a recipe, and becoming overwhelmed.

 You should have your recipes up, your ingredients out in the order you’ll need them, and have the tools, utensils, and appliances you need ready to go.

Give Yourself a Break

 Almost nothing goes perfectly to plan so if you make any mistakes or a dish doesn’t turn out the way you expected, don’t be too hard on yourself! Your family and guests will appreciate your hard work and will only remember the good memories that were made.

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