Ramadan 2021: How to Stay Healthy While Fasting

After fasting during the month of Ramadan, people tend to overcompensate and eat more than usual to “make up” for the irregular meal times over the past 30 days. Whilst it may be tempting to feast on Tariq Halal meats, you should exercise discipline when first rejoining a regular diet if you wish to stay healthy.

If you are still amidst observing the fast, you should find ways to optimise your health while minimising your diet. Ramadan is a month characterised by practicing self-control and discipline over everything you do, specifically regarding prayer and food consumption. As your neighbourhood, butchery, you can count on us to share some methods we’ve learned over the years to help our bodies and minds stay in top condition while fasting.

Drink Water and Eat Hydrating Foods During Ramadan

We trust the experts, and they recommend drinking water between Iftar and Suhoor. Those of us exposed to hot environments will specifically benefit from this advice as we sweat more and run the risk of becoming dehydrated. By consuming adequate amounts of drinking water and also eating foods which hydrate the body appropriately such as watermelon and Fattoush salad, you can also improve your hydration levels.

Excellent Ramadan healthy habits include avoiding dehydration by omitting caffeinated drinks, such as cola and coffee because they are diuretics. Consuming these on an empty stomach can also cause minor health upsets such as stomach pain, especially if you drink too much.

Eat the Right Foods at Suhoor to Last Longer During the Fasting Hours

By enjoying our high-quality meat, London residents in observance of Ramadan can offer their bodies the nutrition they need at Suhoor which can sustain them well into the fasting hours. Through our experience, eating wholesome meals when permitted is the best way to maintain higher levels of energy and focus to get through Iftar. For an energy boosts, eat lean meats from Tariq Halal or complex carbohydrates including vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, and chickpeas. 

Regain Your Energy by Consuming a Balanced, Healthy Iftar

Consuming dates is a fantastic way to break your fast and is a healthy way to start Iftar. Traditionally eaten and with good reason, consuming dates is seen to have a positive effect of Ramadan fasting on health. To preserve your energy levels and save you time in the kitchen, it’s also worth considering pre-marinated meats from our expert Halal butchers in London who can provide you with a ready to cook assortment of healthy halal options for stovetop, grill, or oven.

When the Eid arrives and it is time to rejoice, prepare a worthy feast for your family with tender, delicious meat from Tariq Halal. However, keep in mind the Ramadan health tips which we’ve provided for you to use during the holy month.