Four Key Benefits of Ordering Meat Online

Online shopping has come to the forefront during the Coronavirus global pandemic. Never has it been more important to minimise trips away from home in order to prevent the unnecessary spread of Covid-19. Tariq Halal can organise all your Halal meat requirements online through our meat box delivery service.

The Benefits of Buying Your Meat Online

The advantages of buying your meat online have been into focus during the recent national lockdowns and Tier regulations throughout the UK. Online ordering has never been more popular but many people are sticking with this type of purchasing even when government restrictions are eased and this is why:

  • Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient, you can buy fresh and frozen meats from the convenience of your own home and save repeated trips out to the shops
  • Take advantage of special cuts of meat and offers just as if you were in the shop
  • Plan your meals ahead to save time and minimise waste
  • Enjoy the benefit of quality meats at great prices
  • Order a range of premium cuts and all types of meat at just the click of a button
  • Online ordering is great for families that plan their meals ahead and for parties and events, something everyone will be thinking about when lockdown ends – it's so much easier to buy in bulk if you order online and you don’t have the trouble of carrying it all home
  • Carry on shopping from your local Halal butcher with the provenance and quality you have come to expect
  • Take advantage of other add-ons like sauces and kebabs and recipe cards
  • Enjoy delivery direct to your door

The latest national lockdown has underscored the importance of buying your meat online and staying at home as much as possible. But many of the numerous advantages of online meat ordering will endure long after Coronavirus is just a distant memory. Online is the new way to shop for all your meat requirements, fresh and frozen.

Tariq Halal has a quick and extensive meat box service from our butchery straight to your front door. Now you can enjoy all your usual Halal meat with the convenience of home delivery. Learn more about our online ordering service on the