Wood Or Plastic Cutting Board For Meat

One of the most important tools you need to have in your kitchen is a chopping board. Chopping boards will protect your countertops and work surfaces from damage caused by cutting ingredients. If you’re unsure whether to get a plastic or wood chopping board, your favorite halal butcher, Tariq Halal, has all the information you need to make a decision.

 Pros and Cons of Plastic Cutting Boards

The main advantage of plastic cutting boards is that they are less expensive than cutting boards made of other materials. Replacing them is easy and cleaning them is often a quick and simple process. They also don’t require very much in the way of maintenance or very much room when stored. They’re almost always dishwasher safe and are available in several different designs and styles to suit your taste.

However, plastic cutting boards are easily damaged so they have to be replaced more often. The cuts and grooves that end up covering plastic cutting boards are harder to clean and can end up harboring bacteria. Knives will need to be sharpened frequently since plastic cutting boards dull them. You’ll probably need to replace them more often than you expected as well. 

Wood Cutting Boards Pros and Cons

Wood cutting boards or chopping blocks are often more aesthetically pleasing to look at than their plastic counterparts. They last longer, keep your knives sharper for longer and show fewer signs of wear like cuts and scratches. Another benefit to wood boards is that they are more environmentally friendly.

If you need to cut harder foods like meat or root vegetables, wood chopping boards give you a thicker, sturdier surface to work on than plastic boards do.

Even though the surfaces of wood boards are more porous, studies have shown that wooden cutting boards retain fewer bacteria than plastic ones. When cleaned properly after use, wood boards are better for preventing contamination and cross-contamination from germs and bacteria.

These benefits do come at a higher cost, however. Many people end up opting for plastic boards because they are easier to find and are significantly less expensive than wooden boards. Wooden cutting boards must be cleaned by hand in a sink and will require periodic oiling to protect their surface.

Once you have your chosen chopping board, visit Tariq Halal to buy delicious halal meat and halal food to feed your family.