Why Frozen Food is Better Than Chilled?

The benefits of frozen food are significant, particularly in the festive season where there will be an emphasis on family get-togethers and celebrations. Freezing food has also come into its own during the global Coronavirus pandemic where, during the first lockdown in March 2020, some food was in short supply and also people’s ability to shop became more limited. Tariq Halal can offer you all the advantages of Halal frozen food to make family catering more convenient and economical, helping you to dish up nutritious and tasty meals every day.

What is the difference between chilled and frozen food?

Chilled food is food that has been put in the fridge and the temperature reduced  - this can be either cooked food or raw ingredients. Frozen food is food that is taken below its freezing point because it has been put into a freezer.

When it comes to food preservation, understanding the difference between chilled and frozen food is crucial. Chilled food, typically stored between 0-5°C, includes perishable items that require refrigeration to slow down bacterial growth and maintain freshness. On the other hand, frozen food is stored at temperatures below 0°C, using freezing to halt microbial activity and extend shelf life. While chilled food retains its original texture and nutritional value, frozen food offers longer storage times and convenient meal planning. It's important to handle both types of food properly to ensure food safety and maintain quality. By understanding these differences, you can make informed decisions about storing, preparing, and enjoying your food.

What are the advantages of frozen food?

The advantages of frozen food are countless.  First off, freezing food allows you to buy in bulk which can be more convenient and also means you can take advantage of discounts and special offers. You can shop less frequently which saves you time by cutting down repeated trips to the shops which are to be discouraged during the current global pandemic.

Cook in bulk when you have time or just freeze leftovers; this ensures there is no waste and you will always have tasty home-cooked food at hand on those busy days.

Frozen food holds onto its vitamin and mineral content and there is no deterioration in the fat, carbohydrate, or protein levels in the food either. The decrease in the nutritional value of fresh or chilled food can be quite rapid.

Freezing food allows you to eat seasonally all year round. Eat economically, freeze your leftovers, and only thaw out what you need to prepare that day’s meal.

The benefits of frozen foods are self-evident and freezing can really help with the daily meal prep as well as make your household budgeting as economical as possible. Tariq Halal understands the benefits of frozen food and we can deliver fresh and cooked meats via our online meat box service from our shop, straight to your freezer. Our website explains more  tariqhalalmeats.com