Is Halal Meat Healthier than Conventional Meat?

Some people understand that Halal meat drains the blood from the meat and so is more tender than conventional meat. Leaving the blood in the meat can cause deterioration and negatively impact the taste. But many people don’t realise that Halal meat is also all about how the animal is cared for and what it is fed during its life. For the best Halal meat in London, buy from Tariq Halal.  We also offer an online Halal meat ordering service to deliver delicious fresh cuts of meat direct to your door.

The benefits of halal meat

Halal meat has lots of health benefits and advantages which include the rearing of the animal and not just how the meat is prepared. These are:

  • Conventional meat is often quite old, stored for long periods in freezers and still containing the blood from the time of slaughter. Halal meat is more tender
  • It tastes better as the blood has been removed so it does not negatively impact the flavour
  • The meat stays fresher for longer due to the absence of blood which inhibits the growth of bacteria
  •  Halal rules also govern how the animal is cared for during its life and only a strict vegetarian diet may be fed, no foods containing animal byproducts are permitted
  • No antibiotics or growth hormones are allowed to be administered
  • Because the process of slaughter is different, halal meat is free from fear toxins which can be released in a more conventional setting when the animal is under stress
  • The animal must be healthy before it is killed

Halal meat offers an alternative to conventionally produced meat if you care about where your meat comes from and how the animal is looked after during its life.

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