Does Halal Meat Taste Different?

The taste of meat can be down to personal preference. You might prefer different types of meat or different cuts of meat. You might prefer chicken over beef, sirloin over rump or legs over thighs. Beyond a subjective taste in meat, you might like to know that there is also an objective way to judge meat as well. 

We can all agree that quality is one of the biggest contributing factors to the taste of meat and
Halal meats are arguably the best quality meat you can buy. There are several factors which make Halal meats the best quality meats, including the consideration of life and care the animal has been given as well as the method by which it is slaughtered.

Life and Care of Animals

Many conventionally provided meats are raised in less than ideal conditions with overcrowding and who experience disease. Halal animals are respected and treated well before they are consumed.  During their lives, they are raised with space and care and live life as healthy and natural as possible. The reason for this is to reduce the level of stress hormones present in the animal at the time of slaughter. Stress hormones experienced by the animal circulate through their body and affect the taste of their meat negatively.

Slaughtering and Health Benefits of Halal Meat

Halal animals are slaughtered with the utmost concern given to stress reduction. It is bad for the animal to experience stress, and this applies especially at their end of life as stress can render an animal imperfect and unfit for consumption. The halal method of slaughtering includes draining the blood from the carcass which guarantees the purity of the meat. Uric acid is a waste product found in blood and if it enters the meat, it can cause health problems in the consumer affecting human kidneys, skin and blood. Hygiene, also a primary component in the Halal process, rids the meat of impurities and decreases incidents of food poisoning and other meat related hygiene issues that might appear in conventional meat. 

Halal meat doesn’t necessarily taste DIFFERENT, because lamb tastes like lamb,  chicken tastes like chicken and beef tastes like beef.  However, Halal rules produce the highest quality meat with added health benefits - which makes the
taste of Halal meat BETTER.  You can find a wonderful selection of high quality Halal meats online to meet all of your needs.  Order Halal meats online at our website and receive delivery to your door.