How to Marinate Meat for the BBQ?

As the sun comes out and warmer weather appears, it is time to get the garden ready for barbeques and garden parties!  Marinated meat is one of the easiest ways to enhance the flavour and texture of the meat you will be grilling. Even the most beginner grill masters can turn into a gourmet chef with the right marinade!  All meats can be marinated and choosing the right marinade can do everything from enhance the flavour of meat to keep meats from drying out during cooking and to even tenderise them.

How to Marinate Meat for the BBQ:

  • If frozen, defrost selected cut of meat
  • Prepare marinade 
  • Place meat in a bowl   
  • Cover meat with marinade    
  • Mix together by hands to be certain all meat is covered    
  • Refrigerate bowl overnight    
  • Remove and grill!

Top marinating tip:  if you are grilling chicken, take the tip of a knife and pierce the chicken with small holes all over. This helps the marinade to penetrate deeper into the meat allowing all the delicious flavours to soak up throughout.  

Don’t forget to reserve some of your marinade. You can do this by simple setting some aside or by storing some in a jar. Just before grilling, add a bit of corn starch to your marinade reserve and use a brush to apply the extra sauce during grilling to enhance the flavour even more!

Here is an all purpose bbq marinade for you to use, good for up to 1kg of meat using only 9 or 10 ingredients usually found in any cupboard!

  • Olive oil (85g)
  • Brown Sugar (85g loosely packed)   
  • Apple cider Vinegar (2 tablespoons)    
  • Soy Sauce (Tamari Sauce for Gluten Free) (2 tablespoons)    
  • Worcestershire sauce (2 tablespoons)    
  • Garlic     (3 cloves, smashed)     
  • Chili Powder (2 tsp), Cumin (2 tsp), Smoked Paprika (1 tsp) and cayenne     (to taste but just a pinch to start if you’re not sure!)

Mix all the ingredients together, in any order. Whisk, use a fork, or mix in a spill proof jar by shaking. Then, pour over your meat, let sit overnight, and enjoy!  Of course, if you prefer convenience, we still offer pre-marinated meats for delivery direct to your door. 

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