Tips for Selecting Healthy Frozen Foods

The key factor when choosing food for the freezer is to know exactly what you are freezing or, if it is pre-frozen, exactly what you are buying. Tariq Halal offers the finest Halal frozen food with all the quality you have come to expect from our fresh products, just pre-frozen so you can transfer it quickly from our freezer to yours.

Nutritionists will tell you that frozen foods can have a higher nutritional value than many fresh foods if the produce is frozen quickly at the optimum point. Stored fresh foods can deteriorate quickly in terms of their food quality, even if this may not be visible, meaning that their frozen counterpart could actually be the healthier option.

How to Choose Frozen Food?

If you are not freezing your own fresh or cooked foods then pre-frozen foods need to be chosen carefully. Skip frozen dinners in cream sauces or rich gravies and avoid pre-fried frozen foods. If you want to avoid piling on the calories then walk on past the frozen dessert and ice-cream aisle! Here is our guide to choosing the healthiest frozen meals.

Guide to Healthy Frozen Food Selection

  • Freeze from fresh
  • Freeze leftovers or spare portions of your own healthy cooking which can make for handy pre-prepared meals or snacks when you are in a hurry
  • Choose quality raw foods like meat from Tariq Halal – the food can only store the nutritional value it started with so poor quality meats and produce will not improve for their time in the freezer
  • If you are buying pre-cooked foods then read the labels very carefully as these meals can be packed with fat and salt
  • Try and avoid frozen fruits as these have often had something added before they were frozen – eat fresh fruit or freeze your own hand-picked fruits
  • If you are buying pre-cooked meals then watch out for portion sizes. Choose a smaller meal and add your own freshly cooked vegetables to it

Trust Tariq Halal to deliver you the finest Halal frozen food with all the quality and nutritional value you would expect from our fresh meats just pre-frozen for your convenience. Get the products you love delivered direct to your door via our online ordering service. Our website explains more