5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Frozen Foods

Freezing is the preferred storage method and has been used for centuries to preserve food. Other preserving methods just cannot compare when it comes to retaining nutritional value and flavour. For the best Halal frozen foodcontact Tariq Halal for fresh meat you can freeze yourself or for our pre-frozen cuts which are all available via our meat box delivery service.

What are the nutritional benefits of frozen food?

Generally, frozen foods, if they are frozen quickly at their peak freshness, retain almost all of their vitamins and minerals – freezing locks in the nutrients and the flavour. There is normally no change to the carbohydrate, fat and protein content.  Sometimes, frozen foods will even have a higher nutritional content than fresh produce which will rapidly lose minerals and vitamins whilst it sits in the shop, your fridge or cupboard at home.

Frozen food has many other advantages and here are some of them:

  • Buy food and store it ahead of time making it easy to plan for family meals which cuts down on shopping and unnecessary waste
  • Store cooked foods which are leftover to form handy dishes at a later date
  • Buy food that is discounted or on offer and freeze for later consumption
  • Stock up the freezer ahead of family parties and events or periods of restriction due to bad weather, illness or national lockdowns
  • In a compact kitchen, a freezer can allow you to store more quality food
  • If you grow your own seasonal produce, then a freezer can allow you to store a glut of fruit or vegetables for use at a later date

Why Frozen Food is Good for You?

Frozen food is one of the most reliable sources of quality nutrition but, as with all things, you should only choose the best frozen produce or freeze from fresh yourself.  Avoid pre-cooked or packaged goods which can have a high salt and fat content.

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