The different cuts of meat

To cook nutritious dishes with good food value whilst working to a sensible budget requires a thorough understanding of the different cuts of meat from the animal.  If you are opting to buy Halal meat online then it is crucial to appreciate the varying cuts because they affect the price, menu options and how the meal is prepared.  We offer some of the best Halal meat in London.  Read our guide to the different cuts of meat and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Cuts of meat chart

It is easiest to understand the names of the different parts of the animal by looking at a chart or diagram but here is a description based on the cow.

  • Chuck – the area in front of the ribs and at the base of the neck
  • Rib – the meat covering the ribs and behind the chuck
  • Short loin – moving along the back of the animal, the short loin is behind the ribs
  • Tenderloin and Sirloin – these sit behind the short loin and are some of the most expensive and prized cuts
  • Round – behind the tenderloin and sirloin and sitting just in front of the tail

Along the underside of the animal lies the Brisket, Plate, and Flank working head to tail, and then the Shank is found on the top part of the leg.

Cuts of Meat guide

Steak is generally considered one of the best and most popular cuts of meat.  Below is a list of meat cuts:-

Rib eye steak – a classic cut from the rib section, super tender with a rich flavor

Sirloin steak – a tender and expensive cut

Fillet steak – this is a very lean cut and comes from inside the sirloin, it doesn’t have the flavor of Rib eye or Sirloin but is tender

T-Bone steak – sirloin and fillet split with a bone, tricky to cook as both sides cook at different rates 

The cuts vary for sheep and pigs but are along similar lines.  To find the best Halal meat online in London visit our website