Frozen Foods: the sought after solution for easy, healthy meals

Frozen food offers all the health and nutritional benefits of fresh food with convenient availability at a time to suit your catering requirements.  Freezing preserves raw or cooked food providing all the advantages of fresh dishes quickly and easily with the ultimate in convenience.  Halal frozen food could revolutionise your daily catering.

Frozen food insights

There are numerous nutritional and economic benefits of having a well-stocked freezer not to mention the convenience.  Here are some of the advantages:-

  • Vegetables that have been immediately frozen after harvest often have a higher nutritional value than fresh produce which can lose vitamins and nutrients during the process of packing and transportation
  • Freezing allows you to eat food out of season
  • Freezing is nature’s form of preservation – there are no chemicals or additives involved
  • Frozen food can be cheaper than the fresh alternative
  • There is less food wastage with frozen food.  Use just what you need
  • Freezing leftovers can make for tasty meals on another occasion, nothing is wasted

Eating healthy foods can impact your physical and mental wellbeing as well as impacting your pocket.  Follow our healthy grocery shopping tips.

  • Plan your meals for the week ahead, this will help you to shop wisely buying only what you need, it cuts down on waste and some ingredients will stretch over more than one day.  Freeze what you don’t use on the day.  Enjoy the convenience of ingredients available just when you need them
  • Look for low-fat options but always check sugar content as well
  • Opt for leaner cuts of meat and calculate the correct portion size per person and buy only the meat that you need
  • If you are buying poultry, choose skinless meat cuts which are lower in calories
  • Limit cold shelf, convenience and takeaway foods which are often nutritionally poor, high in calories and expensive

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