Why Halal Meat is a Great option?

For those that are not in the know, Halal meat seems to offer an inferior option to other types of meat available in the UK.  But Halal meat can actually be the healthier option when it comes to putting food on the table as well as satisfying those who care about the type of lives animals lead before they are slaughtered for food consumption.  For the best Halal meat in London, check out Tariq Halal.

What are the benefits of Halal meat?

It is an important part of the Halal tradition that the animals live a good life where they are well cared for and allowed to have a quality of life which can often be absent for those in the mass factory-farmed system.  The animal must have been appropriately fed, well cared for, free of pain and looked after right until the end.  If you eat Halal meat then you know that you are not subscribing to inferior or sub-standard animal welfare practices.

Why is Halal meat healthier?

Halal meat is healthier because the animals have lived a natural way of life, not reared in sheds or inhumane conditions.  They have also eaten naturally and not been fed anything which contains other animal byproducts.  When slaughtered, everything is done to ensure the animal is not within sight of others and is as least stressed as possible and this is reflected in the quality of the meat.  The blood is then allowed to drain from the animal resulting in a much tender result on the table and removing all the potential for harmful toxins and bacteria which the blood can contain.

Halal meats can offer a real alternative to those who dislike modern, industrial livestock farming processes and who are worried about the quality of the end product and the impact this could have on their health.  To find the best Halal meat in London visit our website tariqhalalmeats.com