Quality London Catering:  A Better Breed of Butcher

Having a great butcher is a huge asset. The best kind of butcher is one that is trustworthy, has great cooking tips, and most importantly has great quality meat which adheres to Halal law. These days, the added bonus of safe, reliable meat delivery service to your door is also incredibly important because more of us are working from home and cooking more meals at home as well. Tariq Halal can be your go-to Halal Butchers online in London and beyond.  We deliver award-winning fresh and frozen foods and offer the best quality Halal meat delivery in London and throughout the UK.  

What Sets Us Apart?

Experience:  With over 45 years of collective experience in the meat trade, we at Tariq Halal believe we are one of the best Halal butchers in London.  

Quality Control:  We monitor each step of production to ensure the quality our brand embodies is extended to our valued customers. 

Understanding Needs:  Not only do we supply to individual customers, but we are also well known as suppliers to multiple brand name retailers, cash and carry, butchers, wholesalers, caterers &  franchise stores. This gives us a unique understanding of the needs of a wide cross-section of customers across the country. 

Range of Products and Services:  As butchers, we not only offer the highest quality fresh and frozen delivery in London and beyond to a wide variety of customers and clients, we offer a sumptuous range for meat lovers from samosas to kebabs to burgers.  

Tariq Halal always strives to provide the highest quality meat and poultry products and is committed to giving the highest level of service to each of our customers, whether you are a small business catering to your private kitchen or a large corporation with competitive shelf space. We ensure that our products are brought to you at competitive prices and that our products remain available to each and every client.  

Tariq Halal Butchers London is a cut above.  Let us show you what our experience, quality control, understanding, and our range of products & services can do for your family grocery needs.  You can visit our website to place your Halal meat delivery online.