How to Choose Healthy Cuts of Beef

If you’re like most people, you’re unaware of which beef cut is the healthiest. You may even think you should cut out beef altogether. The truth is that any kind of food is ok to include in a healthy diet in moderation. You don’t have to give up beef to have a balanced healthy diet,  you just need to know how to choose low-fat meats.  When it comes to beef,  you should eat it in moderation and choose low-fat cuts. There are other factors that make meat healthier, such as how the animal is raised and how it is slaughtered. Fat content and animal care can help you to determine which beef cut is the healthiest.  At Tariq Halal, we can help you find the healthiest way to keep beef in your diet. 

Whilst the tastiest cuts of beef are often fattier, you don’t have to sacrifice taste when choosing lean cuts of beef.  Virtually any cut of beef can be made healthier or leaner by simply trimming off the fat that is visible on or around it prior to cooking. It is best to choose a cut of beef that is naturally low in fat and using recipes that don’t call for lots of oils, butter, or creamy sauces. Here is how to choose low-fat meats

  • Fat - make sure there is no visible fat 
  • Lean cut - choose the leanest cut of meat you can afford
  • Marinate - marinate the meat you plan to grill or cook to well done because it decreases cancer-causing agents or carcinogens

Lean Beef, when enjoyed in moderation, is good for you.  It is packed with protein - critical for muscle growth and recovery as well as iron and vitamin B-12 which boosts the immune system and keeps red blood cells healthy.  With the additional benefit of Halal law, your lean meat will be the healthiest choice for your menu.  The leanest cuts of beef are Fillet, Silverside, Lean Mince, and Skirt Steak. Ordering your supply of lean beef and meats through Tariq Halal online for delivery to your door is its own reward!  Visit us online to place your order for Halal meat in London now.