How our delivery service helped during Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people shop and live. There has been a move away from the large supermarkets towards smaller, independent shops which offer old-fashioned customer service including delivery services which can be pre-ordered online and delivered direct to your door.  Tariq Halal offers the finest Halal meat onlinefor all your Halal meat in London visit our website to find out more about our online meat service.

What are the of advantages an online meat service?

Ordering your Halal meat online via our online meat service is a benefit during the times of Coronavirus and here’s why:

  • Stay safe in your own home to protect your family and other people from disease and anyone who may be vulnerable and shielding
  • Pick your meat online and enjoy delivery direct to your door saving time and hassle as well as travelling
  • Plan your meals ahead and freeze what you don’t use immediately
  • Choose cuts and sizes of meat to suit your recipes
  • Conveniently shop at any time of the day or night
  • Buy your meat for the whole week without having to travel, choose, pack and carry home
  • Shopping brought to those who are unwell, infirm or who are self-isolating due to suspected Covid or a positive Covid test
  • Online butchers are generally cheaper than retail shops
  • Buying online will offer access to a wider choice of meats and a range of cuts compared to buying in a shop
  • Meat can be tailored to fit dietary preferences or special events and parties
  • Enjoy pre-prepped burgers and sausages, joints and briskets and pick sauces and marinades to accompany your favourite dishes
  • Bulk orders for parties and barbeques are easy to source 
  • Stock up the freezer for the winter ahead

 Discover all the benefits of ordering Halal meat online from one of the finest purveyors of Halal meat in London.  Protect you and your family from Covid-19 and minimise your shopping trips by ordering online with home delivery direct to your door.  Find out more on our website