Healthy Cuts of Beef: What you need to know?

Red meat has garnered a bad reputation over the years because of its link to high cholesterol and heart disease. However, just like anything else, the key to eating red meat is to do so in moderation. Red meat like beef is actually quite healthy for you when it’s included as part of a balanced diet.

Beef is full of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy cells, bones, and muscles. Many of these nutrients are only available through food sources like beef.

If you are on a calorie-conscious diet or simply want to eat better, there are healthier cuts of lean beef that are lower in calories and fat.

Healthy Cuts of Beef

Not all cuts of meat are the same. While beef cuts come from the same animal, the flavor profile, texture, and fat content vary depending on where the meat is cut from. Some of the healthier cuts of beef include:

  • Shank: Shank cross cuts are lean cuts of beef that come from the front legs.
  • Short loin: Filet mignon and tenderloin steaks come from the short loin portion of the animal. You also get T-bone steaks and strip steaks from the short loin.
  • Shoulder: Also known as a chuck, you can get arm roasts, shoulder, and steak cuts from this part of the cow. For leaner steaks, look for chuck shoulder medallions.
  • Brisket: The lower chest area gives a cut of beef called a brisket. When cooked in a slow cooker, it comes out buttery and practically melts in your mouth. Brisket is also great the next day for sandwiches.
  • Lower back: Sirloin steaks and trip-tip roast can be found in the lower back. These cuts are particularly juicy and full of flavour, perfect for a wide variety of meals.
  • Rear leg: Like the front legs, you can get lean meat cuts from the rear legs. Sirloin tip-side steaks and bottom round roasts are highly lean cuts of beef that come from the rear leg.

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