Frozen Beef vs Fresh Beef: Which is Better

For many, beef plays a key role in cooking because it tastes great and has great nutritional value. Nothing beats a grilled steak at a family barbecue or a juicy hamburger at your favourite burger joint!  

If you’re using high-quality beef such as halal, organic, or grass-fed natural beef from a specialty butcher shop, you want to make sure you are handling and storing the beef in a way that maximizes its flavour, texture, and nutritional value until you are ready to cook it.  

The age-old debate of “Frozen Beef vs Fresh Beef - Which is Better?” still rages on! In this article, we will answer this question for you so you can always Eat Better Beef. 


There is a commonly held belief that “fresh” must be better than “frozen.” However, industry experts claim that the taste and nutritional value of fresh (un-frozen) cuts of beef are in no way superior to frozen cuts raised at a beef ranch in similar environments.  

  Although fresh beef has a slightly higher nutrient count, it can lose minerals and vitamins and grow harmful bacteria quickly as it sits in the fridge at the store or at your home. For this reason, frozen beef is a more convenient and safer option.  


  Retains the Tenderness, Nutritional Value & Flavour 

  Generally, frozen meat, if frozen at its peak freshness, will retain almost all its vitamins and minerals – freezing locks in the nutrients, protein content, texture, colour, and flavour. Therefore, you won’t notice any change in the taste and flavour, and you can have frozen beef in your freezer for several months without its quality being compromised. 

  Less Waste 

We all have the best of intentions when we store freshly bought meat in the refrigerator with a plan to cook it within the next day or two. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan – we get busy and the lovely steaks that were supposed to get grilled to perfection end up spoiling. When freezing meat, you can do your part to reduce waste!  

 Prevents harmful bacteria from growing 

By freezing beef as soon as you get it, you can prevent bacteria from growing by keeping it properly stored in temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius in airtight containers or plastic bags.  

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