How to Slow Cook Goat Meat in Charcoal Oven

First, if you are a purveyor of food and beverage and don’t already have a charcoal oven - get one.  You are really missing out because you can provide the taste of outdoor grilled food with an indoor charcoal oven. This smoky, charred, flavour, is a taste that humans have been after since the dawn of time, and you no longer need an outdoor set-up to cater to this taste preference. The flavour is seductive to the human taste buds and the quality of your food will increase exponentially the moment you invest in one. 

Now if you already have one, you’ll be certain to provide your standard grilled faire - but you’ll also need to stand apart from the crowd. Tariq Halal has some fantastic ways for you to do this. You can try any of our wonderful selections of halal meats, including our exotic Bison in your charcoal oven.

Here is a great recipe for slow-cooked goat meat:

Slow Cooking Goat in your charcoal Grill is easier than you may think:

  1. Fire up your charcoal grill to 125C
  2. Ensure you maintain 125C throughout
  3. Wrap goat in foil
  4. Place wrapped goat on the bottom tray of the charcoal grill (leaving enough clearance on top)
  5. Cook for 6.5 hours
  6. After 6.5 hours, remove from the oven, and coat cooked goat with any marinade you like.  Try this:  or make your own
  7. Now, add more charcoal, and vent the oven
  8. Allow the heat to rise to 220C
  9. Cook a further 20 minutes
  10. Remove goat from oven after 20 minutes
  11. Rest meat 
  12. You can use mango chutney, any fruit, sweet salsas or chutneys as an accoutrement for this dish
  13. We suggest spicy chips, garlic mash or sweet potato wedges

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