How to preserve frozen food?

Freezing food has always been one of the most natural ways to preserve it and freezing also has the advantage of bulk buying with all the attendant cost savings and convenience that accompany this.  Tariq Halal offers an online meat ordering service for both fresh and frozen food.  Organise your shopping and weekly food deliveries with Halal frozen food delivered directly to your door saving you both time and money.  You will always have quality product  available in your freezer for both planned meals and unexpected guests.

Using freezing as a food preservation technique is an old idea that still works today in the 21st century.  Freezing food has many benefits and advantages:-

  • it prevents wastage as cooked meals and leftovers can be stored and eaten on another occasion
  • freezing allows the busy cook to prepare meals in bulk so there is always some homecooked food within easy reach in the freezer
  • freezing food is a way of storing food and prolonging its life without the use of any preservatives or artificial chemicals and additives
  • Frozen food allows you to enjoy product out of season
  • Using freezing as a method of food preservation and organisation, will help minimise food waste and is also kind to your pocket

Some key facts and tips about freezing food

  • during the freezing process, water in the foodstuffs turns to ice and the formation of ice crystals ruptures the cell walls of the food which explains why meat becomes more tender after freezing
  • Freeze food in smaller size portions as it will freeze more quickly
  • Be careful to only freeze certain foods and for the specific period recommended in cook books and online guidance

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